Dry Ice Blasting in Grand Rapids, MI

MES Services was established in 2004 as an eco-friendly alternative to sandblasting companies. We service all parts of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana including the Grand Rapids area. Since 2004 we have processed thousands of dry ice blasting projects using this eco-friendly blasting alternative.

Dry ice cleaning is another tool in the toolbox for maintaining your facility, cleaning components and restoring damage due to fire or mold. CO2 blasting is a non-hazardous, environmental friendly cleaning method because the blasting media (CO2) sublimates upon impact. It is the perfect choice for mold remediation, and removing dry, loose soot and other contaminants.

With regular cleaning, MES Services can help you maximize tooling life, minimize downtime, reduce takt time, improve part Cpk, and reduce overall cleaning cost.

Consider dry ice blasting when byproducts of hydro-blasting (water) or other media blasting processes (sand, baking soda, walnuts, black beauty) cannot be tolerated.


  • Facility
    • Loose paint removal
    • Combustible Dust
    • Ventilation hoods
    • Platform
    • Electrical
    • Floors, Walls, and Ventilation
    • Operator Stations
  • Industrial Equipment
    • Weld Cells
    • Details & Clamps
    • Die Casting and Hot Forging equipment
    • Assembly and Robotics equipment
  • Presses, Ovens, and Tanks
  • Oil field equipment
  • Food equipment
  • Mold and Fire Remediation
  • And much more


  • Safe and Effective
  • Improve productivity and cleaning time
  • Efficient & Environmentally Friendly
  • Works on Electrical and Mechanical Equipment
  • Minimal impact to surface texture
  • Brings back the “new look”!
  • Reduces the risk of contamination and/or damage
  • No need to power down
  • Great for hard to reach areas
  • Reduced cleanup costs
  • No leftover blasting media
  • Click here for a more extensive list of benefits