MES Services offers Dry Ice Blasting Equipment packages.

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment packages

Our business is process based.  Equipment needed for operation includes more than the dry ice machine.  MES is capable to provide a turnkey solution to customer needs.

  • Dry Ice Blasting Machine package
    • New and used Dry Ice Blasting Equipment
      • Single hose design
      • Single utility design - Air only. No electricity needed
    • Spare parts available for shipment
  • Compressor package
    • New and used equipment
    • 375 cfm @ 150 psi or 200 psi
    • Compressors have built in water separator, after cooler and dryer
    • Compressor hose
  • Safety Gear
    • Full face mask
    • Tyvek suits
    • Leather gloves
    • Ear muffs
    • Other upon request